Ceramic Wall Art with Steel Nails

Ceramic Wall Art with Steel Nails

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This handcrafted piece has been contructed from slabs of clay. The surface has then been decorated and treated with the addition of steel nails. The nails have been snipped so they are only about 3/16" long prior to being inserted into the clay while it is still slightly soft. The heat from the kiln then transforms the nails into the surface you see in the images. The exterior surface has been treated with glaze to highlight the design, surface marks, and textures. There are holes in each of the four corners on the back so that the piece may be hung in any orientation you choose.


Fired to cone 6 in an electric kiln


approx 7.5" square x 2"d


Item depicted is the item you will receive

  • care

    wipe with a damp lint free cloth